Water Sports for Your Exercise


There are many ways that you can exercise, which you should because taking care of your body is an investment for the future. Wouldn’t it be great to get old without having to deal with diseases that you could have prevented by a lot of exercising today? When going to the gym or any class to work out is not your style, try out water sports as your way to sweat and work the muscles.


paddle boardIf you are looking for something that will make you lose weight and get healthier without much effort, then paddling can be the right exercise for you. Balancing yourself and paddling the board is a calm activity that can burn calories without you realizing it. You can take it easy and do it in various ways from sitting to kneeling and standing.

Body boarding

Do you love the sun, waves, ocean, and beach but have no interest in surfing? Then you should try bodyboarding. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the waves without having to swim. Get a bodyboard and simply put the weight on your upper body on it to ride the waves I can guarantee you will not want to do anything else but to swim and ride it again.


kayakingSome people enjoy being in the water without getting wet, and if you can relate to that group, then kayaking should be the water sport that is right up your alley. It may be too much effort to bring the kayak that is not small and get it out and in the water whenever you want to exercise. But once you get in the kayak and start to paddle, the feeling of being in the ocean or lake will make it worth it.


This is not the water sport for those that do not have the stamina, patience, and balance because learning to surf is nothing but hard to do. But if you are willing to put the time and energy into surfing then you are going to get a ripped and fit body since you will use almost every part of it to stand on the surfing board and keep your balance while trying to make it work.